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Need to focus? Shop Reviewed-approved Loop Earplugs today

Loop Earplugs can protect your hearing at work, music festivals, and everything in between!

Person wearing Loop earplugs at a festival, purple Loop earplugs on a purple backdrop Credit: Reviewed/Loop earplugs

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Whether you're about to take full advantage of music festival season or need help concentrating at work, we recommend Loop Earplugs. These are not your average drugstore earplugs that immediately fall out of your ears. Loop Earplugs are functional and comfortable, staying put in your ears all day long. They also look a lot cooler than typical earplugs. So, if protecting your hearing is important to you while enjoying live concerts or you're actually desperate to improve your sleep after a long day at work, check out the newest Loop Earplugs below and find out why we love the brand!

Shop Loop Earplugs

Product image of Loop Quiet 2 Earplugs
Loop Quiet 2 Earplugs

Shop the newest pair of Loop Earplugs for better sleep, improved focus, and comfortable concentration.

at Loop Earplugs
  • Powerful noise reduction by up to 24 dB
  • Comfortable soft-touch silicone design and customizable fit with varying ear tip sizes
  • Convenient carrying case for on-the-go use
Loop Earplugs
Credit: Reviewed/Loop Earplugs

Shop Loop Earplugs for improved focus and concentration when you need it.

Product image of Loop Experience 2 Earplugs
Loop Experience 2 Earplugs

These new stylish earplugs are perfect for festival season. Enjoy filtered noise and hearing protection in a sleek design.

at Loop Earplugs
  • Filters noise by 17dB so you enjoy sounds at a safer volume
  • Certified Hearing Protection keeps you save from damaging noise
  • Sleek design and varying ear tip sizes ensure the earplugs stay put

Why do we like Loop Earplugs?

Our tester tried out the Loop Quiet and Loop Experience earplugs. There were a lot of benefits to both options and overall, both earplugs helped reduce our tester’s sound sensitivity migraines, body pain, and fatigue. “Working with the Quiet earplugs in, I have more focus and can concentrate for longer stretches of time. Sounds like the jolting bark of my terrier soften, giving me a greater sense of calm. After a while I don’t notice that I hear less noise, I only notice relief,” she said. The three biggest pros of wearing Loop Earplugs include:

  • They’re effective at reducing noise to your desired level
  • Accessories provide a snug fit and customized style
  • They’re comfortable to wear, even for long sessions

Are Loop Earplugs worth buying?

We think so! Our tester decided that if you are looking to block out sound on a regular basis, Loop Earplugs are totally worth it. For high-volume noise reduction, we recommend the Loop Quiet Earplugs, specifically for public transportation or loud areas where you need to concentrate. "If you can only choose one pair, I’d go with the Experience Plus. They’re a little more expensive, but they come with two types of buds plus two sets of Mute. This makes them a go-between the Experience and Quiet options for people who wear earplugs on the regular," she added.

Shop Loop Earplugs

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