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LooLoo review

Can this automatic toilet spray make your bathroom smell like a spa? We tried it

The Loo Loo spray installed in a toilet. Credit: Loo Loo / Reviewed/ Liv Birdsall

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  1. Product image of LooLoo Touchless Toilet Spray

    LooLoo Touchless Toilet Spray


    • Smells good

    • Germ-free alternative to a handheld spray

    • Doubles as a toilet light


    • Works best when the toilet seat is up

    Buy now at Amazon

    $34.99 from Walmart

With an automatic touchless toilet spray like LooLoo (available at Amazon) , you can keep your bathroom smelling fresh on demand. The toilet spray neutralizes unpleasant odors in your toilet bowl instead of leaving you (or your guests) to reach for a handheld air freshening spray.

Though toilet sprays might not be glamorous bathroom accessories, these automatic devices can make your most sacred space feel more luxurious with refreshing odor-eliminating scents to mask unpleasant smells. But does it actually get the job done? I tried LooLoo to find out.

What is LooLoo?

A hand holding the packaging box for the Loo Loo toilet spray.
Credit: Reviewed / Liv Birdsall

Keep your bathroom smelling great after every flush with the LooLoo Automatic Touchless Toilet Spray.

LooLoo is a toilet spray device that spouts an uplifting scent into your toilet bowl, helping to mask any left behind odors. It is simple and easy to install, and you can choose from several essential oil-based scent options.

The starter kit comes with the device and one bottle of air freshening spray, and runs on three AAA batteries.

What we like

The LooLoo is a set it and forget it spray

I found the toilet spray easy to use—it only took me five minutes to install. LooLoo comes assembled, but you need to install it.

The automatic air freshener for toilets has an adjustable arm that fits most standard commodes. It fits snuggly under the seat, with one side of the device hanging over the exterior of the toilet, where the nightlight, spray canister, and manual spray button are. The other half of the devices points directly into your toilet bowl, where the air freshening spray ejects.

Once installed, you can set the device to automatic or manual mode based on your preference. I prefer to disperse the air freshener automatically, making it a foolproof way to keep your bathroom smelling great after every use.

It doubles as a toilet light

Toilet lights are a handy accessory that just about everyone can benefit from, helping to light the way at night, and the LooLoo does just that. It features a blue night light on the side that automatically turns on after dark.

The light itself isn't too bright or dim. I found it offers just enough extra light to help me see the bathroom in the dark without the help from any additional light. If you have a spacious bathroom, the light may not be enough, but for a smaller bathroom like mine, the brightness of the nightlight was just right.

While the nightlight is not the focal point of the LooLoo, it certainly is an added bonus feature of this automatic air freshener.

The LooLoo lasts for up to 400 sprays

A refilling package of the Loo Loo spray.
Credit: Reviewed / Liv Birdsall

You can refill the canister for more long-lasting sprays.

Each fragrance bottle from LooLoo claims to last for 400 sprays, or about three months. While I can't speak to the exact number, I can certainly say it is a longlasting—more so than a bottle of bathrom air freshener typically lasts me. During my one month of testing, I had plenty of the Citrus Fresh scent in the bottle.

Larger households may go through canisters faster than I did. The number of sprays depends on how frequently your toilet gets used, as it dispenses after each use. For now, I’m delighted with the longevity of the LooLoo spray.

It smells great—and there are several smells to choose from

LooLoo's spray offers the right amount of freshness to mask the odors that bathrooms (and the business done in them) can leave behind.

I tried the Citrus Fresh scent, but you can also choose from additional smells like Coconut Lime, Lavender Fields, and Peppermint Vanilla.

The LooLoo is a germ-free way to freshen the air after going potty

I also love that the LooLoo is touchless, eliminating the need for you to reach for a handheld spray bottle of air freshener after doing your business.

Many of us aren't washing our hands between wiping and using a can of air freshener, potentially spreading germs from toilet paper to spray bottle. Yuck.

Since the LooLoo straps directly to your toilet and has the ability to spray scents on demand, there are fewer germs being srpead around your bathroom thanks to the automatic dispensing.

What we don't like

It works best when the seat is up

The automatic spray feature works better if the toilet seat up remains upright after use. During my testing, the sprays were not as frequent nor effective when the lid was closed before flushing.

I like to keep the lid shut for sanitary reasons (and so my kitten stays out). I found myself using the manual setting more than the automatic one. However, automating the scent spray is still best for frequent bathroom use, espcially if you have roommates, a large family, or when you are hosting guests are your home.

Should you buy Loo Loo?

Yes, it makes bathrooms smell great after going potty

The Loo Loo spray attached to a toilet.
Credit: Reviewed / Liv Birdsall

Your guests will appreciate the new smell.

If you want a fresh and deodorized toilet, the LooLoo is worth the $34 price tag. The smells are great—not too overpowering, but enough to cover the stench of a stinky trip to the bathroom.

The automatic toilet spray freshener is easy to install and clean. The touchless functionality is also a more convenient alternative than reaching for a traditional air freshener to spray, spreading less germs around your bathroom.

Product image of LooLoo Toilet Spray
LooLoo Toilet Spray

Attachable and reliable automatic spray that eliminates all nasty toilet odors.

$40 at LooLoo

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