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  • About the Gulikit KK3 Max

  • Should you buy the Gulikit KK3 Max?

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  • About the Gulikit KK3 Max
  • Should you buy the Gulikit KK3 Max?
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  • Feature-rich, including paddle buttons and trigger locks

  • Comfortable and familiar layout

  • Excellent value


  • Limited device compatibility

  • Moderate battery life

Push the feature list aside and you’ll find a deeper strength. The Gulikit KK3 MAX is just all-around good.

About the Gulikit KK3 Max

The back of the Gulikit KK3 Max.
Credit: Reviewed / Matthew S. Smith

The Gulikit KK3 Max comes with detachable back paddles and alternate face buttons.

  • Price: $80
  • Connectivity: USB-A to USB-C (detachable, cable included), Bluetooth 5.3, 2.4Ghz (with USB-A dongle)
  • Dimensions: 6.2 inches x 4.3 inches x 2.1 inches
  • Colors: Gray, white, black
  • Device compatibility: Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, SteamOS
  • Battery life: 28 hours (LED lights off), 15 hours (LED lights on)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Special features: Hall effect joysticks and triggers, trigger stops, Turbo button, four detachable rear paddles, removable face buttons, “Auto-pilot” macro support, adjustable 4-way or 8-way D-Pad, six-axis gyroscope, six alternate haptic feedback modes

Gulikit often throws spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks, and the KK3 Max is no exception. It’s loaded with features including Hall effect joystick and triggers that use a magnetic field to sense movement (meaning no stick drift over time), trigger stops, turbo and “Auto-pilot” macro support, a software adjustable 4-way/8-way D-pad, detachable rear paddles, and removable face buttons. No competitor in the gamepad arena offers more features for your buck.

That’s not to say all the features are useful; the included detachable rear paddles will likely hold more appeal for PC gamers as they offer extra buttons for custom keybindings. That’s less useful on consoles, where the custom keybindings are more difficult to set up.

On the other hand, I couldn’t find much use for the Auto-pilot feature, which lets you record and repeat up to 10 minutes of controller input. I can imagine this being useful for games with frequent repetitive actions, like mining or crafting in a survival game.

Push the feature list aside, though, and you’ll find a deeper strength. The Gulikit KK3 MAX is just good.

That means several things. It’s comfortable and feels nice in-hand. The controller is made of plastic but the upper body has a nice semi-soft feel, while the bottom is harder and textured for grip. The layout is precisely what you’d expect and every button will feel instantly familiar if you’ve ever used an Xbox-style gamepad. Finally, and most critically, the face buttons offer smooth travel.

The D-pad is one possible exception to the winning formula, as Gulikit sticks to a 4-way, cross-style D-Pad instead of an 8-way radial D-Pad. Diagonal input works but can feel a bit more awkward, since the D-Pad physically lacks diagonal movement.

The joysticks are excellent thanks to the use of Hall effect sensors. They move smoothly through their full range of rotation and lack dead zones (unless you configure them, which is possible).

The top side of the GuliKit KK3 Max, revealing the USB port.
Credit: Reviewed / Matthew S. Smith

The controller offers a good trigger lock feature, which feels great when playing shooters.

The Hall effect triggers also deserve special mention. Gulikit offers a trigger lock, activated with a switch, to reduce the triggers’ physical travel to just a couple of millimeters. It’s a typical feature for a modern controller, but Gulikit’s implementation goes the extra mile with a satisfying tactile click that’s absent when the lock is not engaged. Most gamepads with trigger locks feel a bit wooden or dull when the locks are engaged.

So far, so good—Gulikit delivers on features, function, and comfort. What’s the catch? It’s the same suffered by prior Gulikit gamepads like the KingKong 2 Pro: device compatibility.

The KK3 Max officially supports Windows, Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch, but not the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, or MacOS. That blasts a sizable hole in its potential audience and also drastically reduces the gamepad’s appeal in a typical multi-device household. Players who mainly game on a PlayStation or Xbox console should skip this one.

Battery life is another weakness. The built-in lithium-ion battery promises up to 25 hours when the controller’s LEDs are disabled (they ring the joysticks). Leaving them on reduces battery life to 15 hours.

These figures fall short of competitors like the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 Core, which quotes up to 40 hours. This might annoy players who frequently sit down for lengthier gaming sessions.

Should you buy the Gulikit KK3 Max?

Yes, it’s enjoyable to use and feature-rich

The GuliKit KK3 Max.
Credit: Reviewed / Matthew S. Smith

The KK3 Max strikes the right balance between price and higher-tier features that controllers under $100 often lack.

The Gulikit KK3 Max is an excellent successor to the KingKong 2 Pro Wireless, a controller that previously topped our rankings of the best PC gaming peripherals. It continues to iterate on a familiar formula. The KK3 Max packs tons of features in a comfortable, well-built controller at a reasonable price.

The KK3 Max retails for $80. That’s $10 more than the KingKong 2 Pro, but the KK3 Max adds several features its predecessors lacked, like detachable paddle buttons and trigger locks. These additions put the KK3 Max’s features set in league with more expensive rivals like the Microsoft Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 Core and Scuf Envision Pro.

The KK3 is a straight improvement over the older KingKong 2 Pro, at least at current prices. The additional features are well worth the additional $10, but the KingKong 2 Pro is still an excellent choice if you can find it on sale for around $50 or less.

Device support is the Gulikit KK3 Max’s most significant flaw. The lack of Xbox compatibility makes it a miss for console gamers not wholly devoted to Nintendo hardware. If you tend to stick to PC gaming and the Nintendo Switch, however, the KK3 Max is the obvious choice.

Product image of Gulikit KK3 Max
Gulikit KK3 Max

Product Name: The Gulikit KK3 Max is comfortable, affordable, and loaded with features more common in higher-end controllers.

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